From Beautiful Highland

from Beautiful Highland

Siglinde & Dr. Annette Kirsch Germany

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“Once upon a time, a long time ago” … This is how our story of our Bobtail love began.

The first bobtail of our life we ​​met at a dog place in Wiesbaden. It was love at first sight. But it took some persuasion to make it possible for all family members to understand that there can be nothing more beautiful than living with a dog, a Bobtail. On the “fastnacht” weekend of 1977, Wuschel joined us. Of course, we were like many other Bobtail breeders of this time: From the VDH we had not been heard yet and so we went to a dog trader who imported their dogs from England.

In the following four years we had to learn a lot (excuse, Wuschel, for the many mistakes!). By faith we came to the club for British Hounds, we met exhibitors and breeders and could see at a lot (unfortunately the assistance was not very big at the time).

Wuschel died in 1980 at the age of 4 by an error of the veterinarian at that time. With Elliot began our exhibition career. But where there is dog, there is after some time often a second. In the search for a suitable female for our Elliot we came to Jilly Bennett (Pelajilo), to whom we owe our Scarlett. Her and Elliot’s descendants are now all over the world, five of them are living with us today. Not always a very simple life, but full of lovable, most bobtail kisses and joy of life.