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About Macoes

Breeding dogs has been our thing for more than 20 years, and dogs have been with us since forever. When we were kids, we used to have small crossbreeds who shared our room with us, but later on big dogs joined our house and this had always been our dream.

Caring for pets is our passion and we devote a large chunk of our day-to-day life to it. Every day, each of our dogs, apart from walks, spends at least 40 minutes on a special dog track and a training ring. Every day they are also combed in a special way, so that they are in great shape and have great hair, too. Our dogs also take part in trainings, so that they could be with us in various situations and places without any stress. Each such training is completed with a state exam and our dogs always excel at them.

We started to raise our dogs only because we love this breed, and they all are a part of our family. We constantly look after our dogs, and apart from great shape, hair and nature, we also have a lot of fun on walks, trips or snow plays. We want our pets to feel great in body and mind, which is why we feed them only with the best food, like Orijen Regional Red. We bathe them in products by Bio-groom, Pure Paws and other cosmetics developed by us, pharmacists.

We rarely have puppies, but when we do, we choose their new home and new owners with great care.