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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
Silver Whirlwind

Silver Whirlwind

Györgyi Varga Hungary

The stories of my dogs… this story can’t be as long as the Britannica Encyclopedia, so I will try to write only about the dogs they are /were very important for me. How it started? My first oes, Amy was a love at first sight. I met her in a dog sale. I know and knew also that time, that the dog sale is the place where you never should buy a dog. But this meeting was something special.

I never regretted that Amy came in my life. She was not a show dog and of course I never used her for breeding but she was the best fellow ever. Amy was a big personality and she collected a huge number of fans for the breed. I learned very quickly that the oes is the breed for me so I decided to take a companion for Amy.

Lamedazottel Quicksilver

After a long search I asked Christina Bailey about a pup. After a long time of waiting Silver, Ch. Lamedazottel Quicksilver arrived to live with us. With Silver I started showing and breeding oes.

The very first show for Silver was the German Clubwinner of the DOESC. He won Junior Clubwinner and Best Junior under Ann Esposito. Our next show was Luxembourg, Eurodog (FCI). Silver won under Norman Harrison Junior European Winner. What a start…but unfortunately we had a car accident, where Silver was seriously injured. A very long break followed. In this time his first litter was born and the only one girl of the litter was kept by us. Silver’s comeback in the showring was the Hungarian Club Winner show where he won Clubwinner under Sue Goddard. We finished with him the champion title, but he was showed only lightly because his injury didn’t recover completely despite all the efforts of our vets.

Silver was as stud dog simply a great producer. He didn’t sire many litters but in every litter he had winner puppies. He had many internationale champions, BIS winning pups, and he has a Junior World Winner and an European Winner puppy too. Silver wasn’t only a successful show dog and a great producer, he was one of the best companions, I still miss him dearly. Today is the 5th anniversary, that he went over to the rainbow bridge… We were blessed to have 2 of his daughters and a son of him in our breeding program.

Next generation

Our first showgirl Dia was a daughter of Silver, born in the Bottom Shaker kennel out of there Dutch imported female Ch. Trackery Islands Chuby Pino. Dia’s official name was Bottom Shaker Indian Summer and she was an extremely succesfull showdog.

Today I can say, she was in the role of the brood bitch simply sensational. In her first litter sired by Ch. Lamedazottel High ‘n Mighty, three international champions were born. One of them is our boy American Dream, callname Mike. Mike was a beautiful constructed boy. His grandson, Concita Rossi’s Blue, Bottom Shaker High in the Sky reminds me every time of Mike. In Dia’s second litter sired by Ch. Zottel’s X-Mas Cracker our next bright star was born Beachboy Beau, call name Popeye. Popeye gained 10 champion titles, won many group 1th, was also BIS placed. Unfortunately we lost him at very young age because Hodkin syndrom. Dia’s 3th and last litter was sired by her half-brother ch. Fan-Fell Private Collection – from the 3 boys 2 finished their champion title.

Our second showgirl was also a daughter of Silver, born in the Fan-Fell kennel out of Fan-Fell Givenchy.  Fan-Fell Perfect Harmony, call name Hanna was the born show dog. She never set a feet wrong in the ring. I own show critiques about her where the text starts “Beautiful female in perfect harmony…” Hanna had 3 litters, and in all of her litters she became champion kids. From her last litter, sired by our Mike we kept Lilly, Look at the Stars.  From her first litter sired by Ch. Manrose Plaisir D’Amour I kept a girl called Orange Blossom.

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The last son of Silver

We have an other very special dog at home – we own the last son of Silver. The story of “Memory of Endless Love” call name Ice is a fairytale and a nightmare in a two in one packet.

Ice’s mom my sweet Jilly was one of the pups from the Ariadne x Pixie litter. She was a very pretty girl, the eye catcher in the litter. She was simply my girl, the one in a million dog. Because cartridge splitting she was never shown. She was shaved because the operation, and we planed to show her after her coat was grown back and we thaught, we use this period also to have a litter. I always wanted to use Silver on my own female but in his lifetime I did not had the opportunity…

Fortunately we let froze his semen…when I searched for a male partner for Jilly, I had the feeling, I have to put together this 2 very special dogs. On paper, in exterior, all perfect… so we decided to take the chance. In the vet’s office it was a strange feeling when I saw under the microscope the happy sperms knowing that the donor is more than 2 years over the rainbow…everything was fine, Jilly was pregnant…it was like a dream comes true… a fairytale. And it turned to a nightmare

The price we had to pay for this dream was very high – we lost Jilly… embolism in the last minutes of the cesarean. We know the risk, but until it happens with you, you can’t believe this can happen also with your dog. We were lucky, Ice survived and developed to a beautiful male. To tribute of his parents he got a special name – officially he is called Memory of Endless Love. And Ice got his call name from his dame’s pedigree name – Jilly’s official name was Jagged Ice.