Adominos Catch The Wave

Female 5 November 1999 United States 401 views
AM Ch. Adominos Rip Tide17-11-1996AM-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Merlin Pin-Pin ROM28-05-1988AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wins Of War ROM01-07-1983AM Ch. Whisperwoods Warrior ROM19-05-1977
AM Ch. Warwyck Wendy Of Whisperwood10-06-1976
Bagatelle Fleur St. JosephAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Charles Dickens06-12-1979
AM Ch. Bagatelle Rapieces
AM Ch. Adominos Riply B'leve It Or Not28-02-1992AM Ch. To-Jo's Dust Buster ROM09-02-1986AM Ch. To-Jo's Gatherin' Moon Dust07-11-1982
AM Ch. To-Jo's Gadabout Gabby ROM
AM-CAN Ch. Beaumorning Rock Domino Damsel25-02-1988AM Ch. Windfield Jack Daniel24-05-1983
AM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Little Rock30-07-1985
AM Ch. Mt. Haggin's Xtra Xtra07-05-1997AM Ch. Saxen Farm's Moonshine29-04-1994Windfield Adams Crown Royal 
AM Ch. Saxen Farm's Moonshadow ROM30-04-1990AM Ch. Bugaboo's Moonstruck19-11-1987
Saxen Farm's Amelia Bearhart
AM Ch. Mt. Haggin's Southpoint Olivia29-12-1992Saxen Farm's Moonspinner 
Mt. Haggins Southpoint Rosie 

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