Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik

Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik

Male 4 March 1978 Canada Register of Merit 1530 views
Warwyck Wildfire O AphroditeAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Wildfire O Aphrodite ROM10-06-1976AM Ch. Bahlambs Blue Book ROM06-03-1970GB Ch. Prospect Shaggy Boy10-05-1961GB Ch. Blue Brigand Of Tansley09-03-1958
GB Ch. Blue Glamour Girl19-06-1958
AM Ch. Millie11-04-1967GB Ch. Prospect Shaggy Boy10-05-1961
Teddy Bear Angela
Shaggiluv's Special AngelAM Ch. Shaggiluv's Special Angel ROM28-04-1974Bahlambs Burly Bushman ROM28-02-1970GB Ch. Prospect Shaggy Boy10-05-1961
AM Ch. Bahlambs Prospectblue Fair Lady05-06-1965
AM Ch. Shaggiluv's Pitter Patter09-09-1970Dustmop's St Nicholas
Tiffandale's Lady Pollyanna
AM-CAN Ch. Snow Dumpling Aphrodite ROM15-08-1976CAN Ch. Farfelu FacsimileAM Ch. Farfelu Fearless Fido ROM03-06-1973Bahlambs Brazen BanditAM-CAN Ch. Bahlambs Brazen Bandit ROM08-03-1971
CAN Ch. Farfelu Christmas Plum Pudding
Baranyi Baby Bonnie 
AM Ch. Canterbury's Misty MaxwellWindfield Blue Bruin 
Pimson's Bubbles In Your Bath 

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