Baghera des Korils d'Armor

Female 26 September 1986 France 1112 views
Blue RamblerBrinkley Ring Lord Of Lameda17-03-1979Pockethall Playboy Of Brinkley16-06-1976Fernville Lord DigbyGB Ch. Fernville Lord Digby01-07-1970
GB Ch. Cornelia Of Trimtora25-09-1969
GB Ch. Morgans Lady Of Amethyst03-10-1973Bobbingay Plainsman Of Amblegait
Mosscarr's Silver Lace
Shevado Nelli DeneShevado Midnight Rambler 
Shevado Snow Queen 
Patriska des Korils d'ArmorOldoak Othello  
Hartington Countess Candy  

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