Bizzeeboots Secret Tryst
AM Ch.

Bizzeeboots Secret Tryst

Tryst Male 24 April 2010 United States 658 views
AM Ch. To-Jo's Pop Secret Lanward ROM09-01-2002Raffles Just Ewe WaitAM-CAN Ch. Raffles Just Ewe Wait ROM28-03-1997AM-CAN Ch. Raffles The Tailless Tyke ROM14-04-1990To-Jo's Nice N'EasyINT-AM-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy ROM18-06-1985
AM-CAN Ch. Raffles Queen Of The Colony ROM23-06-1985
AM-CAN Ch. Raffles Eliza Doo Much ROM18-11-1994AM Ch. Union Jack's Delta Pride ROM06-10-1991
AM Ch. Raffles Chelsea Buns ROM14-04-1990
AM Ch. To-Jo's Popsicle Stick ROM31-01-1999AM Ch. To-Jo's Pep'rmint Stick ROM28-05-1990AM Ch. To-Jo's Woodbridge Ratti Tat-Tat10-04-1987
AM Ch. To-Jo's N'Tomalee Pep'rmint Patty ROM06-07-1984
AM Ch. To-Jo's Auriga Singin'in Th'rain ROM02-06-1992AM-CAN Ch. Raffles The Tailless Tyke ROM14-04-1990
AM-CAN Ch. To-Jo's Wessex Kiss Me in Th'Rain ROM16-04-1984
Bizzeeboots Jewel Of The SeaAM Ch. Bizzeeboots Jewel Of The Sea09-06-2006AM Ch. Bahlambs Brilliant Bequest ROM21-12-2001AM Ch. Bahlambs Bountiful Brit28-01-1996AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Banner ROM20-12-1989
AM Ch. Bahlambs British Bouquet23-09-1992
AM Ch. Bahlambs Bedazzling Babette ROM20-07-1999AM Ch. Seathwaite's Connorfur Bailey12-05-1989
SE Ch. Dizzny'z Bedazzling Baroness13-02-1996
Bizzeeboots Millennium StarAM Ch. Bizzeeboots Millennium Star ROM07-08-2003HD GoodEyes-clearAM Ch. Limey Lane Cliffhanger18-01-1996Bahlambs Bugle BoyAM Ch. Bahlambs Bugle Boy ROM11-03-1993
Limey Lane Pep'rmint Anne
Ambling Wooliness The One And Only06-02-1998AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wheeln N Dealn01-06-1996
Ambling Wooliness Cinnamon

Additional information

  • Kennel Bizzeeboots
  • BreederEdy Dykstra-Blum
  • Health results HD B Eyes-clear
  • Genetic results PCD +/+ EIC +/- CA/HA +/+
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