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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
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INT-NOR-FIN-EST Ch. Blockhead’s Priscilla

23 September 2000

Kennel: Blockhead's
Breeder:Päivi Kakriainen
Country of Origin:Finland
Luvtym Cherry Bomb In Snow07-07-1998USA Ch. Barkshire's King of the Blues18-02-1996USA Ch. Barkshire's Dancer by Lambluv17-08-1993USA Ch. Barkshire's Lonesome Johnny26-03-1991
USA Ch. Lambluv's Dymonblu Nauty 'N Nice19-12-1988
USA Ch. Barkshire's Best Bet01-09-1993USA Ch. Barkshire's Lonesome Johnny26-03-1991
USA Ch. Barkshire's Army Brat12-12-1988
USA Ch. Luvtym Tinsel Town30-10-1993USA Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Boss20-12-1989USA Ch. Moptop's Lambluv Master Plan15-01-1988
USA Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Beauty11-04-1987
Luvtym Meg O My Heart09-02-1990Luvtym Top Shelf
Luvtym Bluberry Muffin
FIN-EST-LT Ch. Blockhead's Golden Oldie15-01-1996SE-FIN-EST Ch. Vigilat's Quidnunc Poju26-11-1992INT-D-VDH-BE-NL Ch. Vigilat's Different Yip21-05-1987INT-BE-NL Ch. Barking Bear's Davy Belle15-04-1983
Vigilat's Yoline03-05-1985
Vigilat's Kissable Lady13-06-1990Stoffel's Balou09-10-1988
INT-D-VDH-F-BE-NL Ch. Vigilat's Wicked Lady05-10-1984
FIN Ch. Ragglebarn Betsy Trotwood06-09-1991Pick of The Pack of ViewpointOldoak Crackshot at Malcro
Dervance Dinky Doo
Ragglebarn Just JemimaGB Ch. Oakfarm Oberon23-05-1985
Marlay Damask
Below listed children of Blockhead’s Priscilla are part of this OES-Database.
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Lambluv's Sound of Music x Blockhead's Priscilla


Lambluv's Sound Of Music x Blockhead's Priscilla


Lambluv's Sound of Music x Blockhead's Priscilla


Alleeloons Tommy Twitchit at Alisheen x Blockhead's Priscilla