Blue Denim Sophisticated Journey With Spirit

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Bugaboo's Incredible JourneyAM Ch. Bugaboo's Incredible Journey18-10-2019AM Ch. Bahlambs Brilliant Bequest ROM21-12-2001AM Ch. Bahlambs Bountiful Brit28-01-1996AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Banner ROM20-12-1989
AM Ch. Bahlambs British Bouquet23-09-1992
AM Ch. Bahlambs Bedazzling Babette ROM20-07-1999AM Ch. Seathwaite's Connorfur Bailey12-05-1989
SE Ch. Dizzny'z Bedazzling Baroness13-02-1996
AM Ch. Bugaboo's Centerfold07-09-2017Bugaboo's Picture PerfectAM-GRAND Ch. Bugaboo's Picture Perfect ROM18-05-2011Bugaboo's Big ShotAM-GRAND-CAN Ch. Bugaboo's Big Shot ROM03-11-2006
Bugaboo's Georgie GirlAM Ch. Bugaboo's Georgie Girl ROM20-01-2006
AM Ch. Bugaboo's Blown Away ROM14-05-2012AM Ch. Bugaboo's Big Puff Of Smoke ROM12-07-2008
Bugaboo's Georgie GirlAM Ch. Bugaboo's Georgie Girl ROM20-01-2006
Blue Denim Sophisticated DesignAM-GRAND Ch. Blue Denim Sophisticated Design18-01-2016AM-GRAND Ch. Blue Denim The Designer ROM05-09-2011AM-GRAND Ch. Aryakas Hermes16-12-2007AM Ch. Qubic's The Buck Stops Here ROM04-06-2000
Fan Fell Qualify For HappinessGR Ch. Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness ROM18-12-2000
AM-GRAND Ch. To-Jo's Rhapsody In Blue Denim20-05-2007AM Ch. To-Jo's Soul Man Lanward01-03-2006
AM Ch. To-Jo's Funny Bunny ROM25-06-2003
AM Ch. Blue Denim Come Ski With Me ROM27-05-2012AM-GRAND Ch. Stonebrook And Vinterra's Stitch in Time28-03-2010HD FairEyes-clearAM Ch. Vinterra's Private Label ROM09-12-2006HD GoodEyes-clearCA/HA +/+
AM Ch. Stonebrook's Fun 'N Games ROM18-07-2006HD GoodEyes-clearCA/HA +/+
AM Ch. Blue Denim The Bunny Slope ROM06-11-2009AM Ch. To-Jo's Ol Black Magic Lanward ROM01-03-2006
AM Ch. To-Jo's Funny Bunny ROM25-06-2003

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