Bushwagger's Five Of Nine

Bushwagger’s Five Of Nine

Female 30 June 2012 Germany 40 views
Argovian Imported By Youandi10-04-2008HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+Kerjalee Azure23-05-2004INT-GB Ch. Allmark Ralph Lauren26-10-1996GB Ch. Lamedazottel Keep Cool25-10-1992
Allmark Obsession15-03-1993
GB Ch. Kerjalee Moments Special23-10-1999Kerjalee Joe Cool05-02-1994
Kerjalee Lalas Moments11-05-1997
Argovian Emotional AffairINT-D-VDH-AU-CH Ch. Argovian Emotional Affair30-11-2003HD AEyes-clearLambluv's Sound Of MusicAU-CAN Ch. Lambluv's Sound Of Music07-05-1998AM Ch. Wullyweather's Cliffurrd
AM Ch. Gambolon Lambluv Diamond Aura07-07-1995
Argovian Cherry BlossomINT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-AU-CH Ch. Argovian Cherry Blossom27-09-2007HD AEyes-clearED freeBAER +/+Krisendaw Silver Steel At Shaggylands03-08-1997
Pennylane Love 'n KissesINT-D-VDH-AU-CH-ITA Ch. Pennylane Love 'n Kisses10-01-1994
D-VDH Ch. Bushwagger's Dream a Little Dream29-01-2008INT-D-VDH-BE-NL Ch. Vigilat's Dear Tomte Tummetodd16-05-2002HD AEyes-clearDizzny'z Artful Dodger23-12-1999HD TCEyes-clearBabiton Take Two08-08-1993
SE-FIN Ch. Dizzny'z Modesty Blaise02-12-1995
INT-MC Ch. Latina Lavigi01-10-1996INT-D-VDH-NL Ch. Vigilat's Quick Dustin26-11-1992
INT-AU-ITA Ch. Lizzie Frizzie24-07-1993
Bushwagger's Annie Get Your Gun08-12-2002Happy Panda's Nicodemo24-01-1999HD BEyes-clearFamilytree Deep Blue Sea01-12-1994HD B
Exposé Hello Happy Panda29-09-1995
Amy von den Curly Bears19-12-1997Pablo Picasso aus der Alten Noris02-05-1987
Isabell von den Blue Zottels

Additional information

  • Kennel Bushwagger
  • BreederBirgit & Udo Herkenroth
  • OwnerKerstin & Andreas Albrecht
  • Country of ResidenceGermany
  • Health results HD A Eyes-clear BAER +/+
  • Genetic results PCD +/+ MDR1 +/+
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21 02 2017

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