Capricorns Sweetest Dream

Female 21 January 2004 United States 1129 views
AM Ch. Seathwaite's On The Q-T19-01-2000AM Ch. Seathwaite's Connorfur Bailey12-05-1989AM Ch. Bahlambs Broadway Blast18-06-1987INT-NOR Ch. Bahlambs Bobby Brown ROM
AM Ch. Bahlambs Back On Broadway ROM26-09-1980
AM Ch. Rholenwood's Joy Of Seathwaite18-01-1982Bahlambs Barnum On BroadwayAM Ch. Bahlambs Barnum On Broadway ROM26-09-1980
AM Ch. Rholenwood's Enjoli16-02-1979
AM Ch. Seathwaite's Caprice Classic22-10-1996AM Ch. Bahlambs Bumpkin Boy ROM13-04-1995Bahlambs Bugle BoyAM Ch. Bahlambs Bugle Boy ROM11-03-1993
AM Ch. Bahlambs Begonias N' Banners28-05-1993
Shadowbox Beuti O SeathwaiteAM Ch. Seathwaite's Connorfur Bailey12-05-1989
AM Ch. Shadow Of Lady Bowser06-02-1990
Capricorns Dare To Dream27-11-1999Whisperwoods White LightningAM Ch. Whisperwoods White Lightning ROM16-07-1991AM Ch. Whisperwoods World Seeker15-12-1984AM Ch. Whisperwoods Warrior ROM19-05-1977
AM Ch. Whisperwoods Woman Of The Year14-07-1982
Capricorns Amazing AmeliaAM Ch. Capricorns Amazing Amelia22-03-1986AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wise Guy07-04-1981
AM Ch. Canterbury's Adventures Of Amy04-05-1982
Spanish-Whisper De KrismacaAM Ch. Spanish-Whisper De Krismaca02-03-1997Bobbington Latin LoverGB Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover03-01-1990HD 0:0Amblegait Amboyna Of StourvaleGB Ch. Amblegait Amboyna Of Stourvale16-10-1981
GB Ch. Oakfarm Beth Of Bobbington23-05-1985
Nobody Like You De Krismaca30-12-1990Monoval Gallant Knight17-03-1989
ESP Ch. Southview Red Hot Momma22-06-1986

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