Danish Delight All Over The World


Danish Delight All Over The World

Chess Male 22 January 2020 Danmark 2262 views
Amount of generations
Happy Panda's Favory Canissa XXIIHappy Panda's Favory Canissa XXII05-05-2017HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+Happy Panda's DroverD-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Drover15-01-2016HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+Kö-Pi's 599 Blue PommeryKö-Pi's 599 Blue Pommery10-08-2008HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+Kö-Pi's 599 Happy Panda Cos11-06-2005
Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Körnchen18-02-2000
D-VDH Ch. Lisa aus dem Rotmaintal24-12-2010HD BEyes-clearSilvery Bear Göd Wide BoyINT-D-VDH-H Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy06-06-2009HD BEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+
Blue Bayou aus dem RotmaintalD-VDH Ch. Blue Bayou aus dem Rotmaintal31-01-2006HD BED 0BAER +/+
Happy Panda's Attenzione-AttenzioneD-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Attenzione-Attenzione07-09-2011HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+Happy Panda's X'Bambino di RagazzoD-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's X'Bambino di Ragazzo24-05-2005HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+Happy Panda's Ragazzo18-12-2001
D-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Quantita d'Amore18-11-2000
D-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Zurine Vale Vue03-01-2006Eyes-clearBAER +/+Kö-Pi's 599 in Memory Dolo09-06-1997
D-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Piccolina
Danish Delight YasminaWW '18-DK-NOR-SE Ch. Danish Delight Yasmina03-08-2016One Oneiro Dei NobilpazziWW '18-INT-ITA Ch. One Oneiro dei Nobilpazzi17-02-2014HD AAEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+Zenit dei NobilpazziINT-ITA-CRO Ch. Zenit dei Nobilpazzi16-10-2008HD AAEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+SnowDowne Dolcevita Golden YearsITA Ch. SnowDowne Dolcevita Golden Years10-01-2007
Nobelprize dei NobilpazziWORLD-ITA Ch. Nobelprize dei Nobilpazzi25-05-2002HD BEyes-clear
High Class dei NobilpazziHigh Class dei Nobilpazzi21-12-2010HD AAED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+Bottom Shaker High in The SkyINT-AU-ITA-CRO-SLO Ch. Bottom Shaker High in The Sky28-07-2007HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
Quante' Bella Giovinezza dei NobilpazziQuante' Bella Giovinezza dei Nobilpazzi27-10-2004HD AEyes-clear
DK-NOR Ch. Danish Delight Rigmor Regina05-10-2011Aryakas KlytosDK-NOR Ch. Aryakas Klytos25-06-2009SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n At BugabooAM Ch. SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n At Bugaboo ROM28-11-2002
AU-GR Ch. Aryakas Caryatis17-11-2003
Danish Delight Knock-OutDK-SE Ch. Danish Delight Knock-Out19-09-2006HD BEyes-clearED 0Aristocrat Of Snowboot BearsAristocrat Of Snowboot Bears14-05-2001
DK-NOR-SE Ch. Danish Delight Good Vibration06-01-2003

Additional information

  • Kennel Danish Delight
  • BreederBirgitte Schjøth
  • OwnerSusanne & Michael Aaby Brix
  • Country of ResidenceDanmark
  • Health results HD A Eyes-clear ED 0
  • Genetic results PCD +/+ EIC +/- MDR1 +/+ CA/HA +/+

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Danish Delight All Over The World is available as stud. Please contact Susanne & Michael Aaby Brix for more information.