Danish Delight U Should C Me Dance

Danish Delight U Should C Me Dance

Pinni Female 11 April 2015 Danmark 478 views
Danish Delight Strikes BackDK Ch. Danish Delight Strikes Back18-09-2012HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0Dizzny'z Stefanos Athanasiadis23-04-2010WW '08 Ch. Dizzny'z Taxi Driver11-07-2004INT-SE-NORD Ch. Dizzny'z All Fall Down21-11-1998
SE Ch. Dizzny'z Unbreakable Bitty28-06-1997
SE Ch. Aryakas Filodoxia27-11-2006Reata's CosmopolitanGB-AU-CH-GR-GIB Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000
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Danish Delight Knock-OutDK-SE Ch. Danish Delight Knock-Out19-09-2006HD B, Eyes-clear, ED 0Aristocrat Of Snowboot BearsAristocrat Of Snowboot Bears14-05-2001INT-F-ITA Ch. Reata's Como Las Condes15-01-2000
INT-D-VDH-LUX-PL Ch. Shaggy Of Snowboot Bears11-05-1994HD A, Eyes-clear
DK-NOR-SE Ch. Danish Delight Good Vibration06-01-2003Zottels You Don't Fool MeWW '02-INT-GB-LUX-NL Ch. Zottels You Don't Fool Me25-11-1998
INT-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Sound Solution Driving Miss Daisy16-03-2000
Danish Delight Mary Go Round16-04-2008Eldorado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-BE-LUX-NL-SE Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal14-11-2005HD B1, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/-, CA/HA +/+To-Jo's Funny PapersAM Ch. To-Jo's Funny Papers25-06-2003HD Good, Eyes-clear, CA/HA +/+Raffles Ewe-Z It Or Lose ItAM Ch. Raffles Ewe-Z It Or Lose It ROM02-01-2001HD Excellent, Eyes-clear
AM Ch. To-Jo's Misty MTN Sun N-Fun ROM28-09-1997HD Excellent, Eyes-clear
Applaus aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalAM Ch. Applaus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal08-07-2001HD Good, Eyes-clearINT-H Ch. Fan-Fell Private Collection09-04-1999HD B
Now Available aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-F-BE-LUX-NL-SE Ch. Now Available aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal05-01-1996HD A, Eyes-clear
DK-SE-NORD Ch. Zottels Got To Be You22-08-2003GB-AM Ch. Reata's Class Two Thousand ROM15-01-2000Danish Delight Sophies Dutch JokerINT-D-VDH-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Danish Delight Sophies Dutch Joker04-07-1993
Reata's AvantgardeINT-DK-SE-CRO Ch. Reata's Avantgarde ROM26-03-1995
Zottels Waltzing Matilda24-09-1997Bobbington Latin LoverGB Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover03-01-1990HD 0:0
Lamedazottel Hello AgainGB Ch. Lamedazottel Hello Again02-04-1991

Additional information

  • Kennel Danish Delight
  • BreederBirgitte Schjøth & Lisa Thielfoldt Nielsen
  • OwnersMarika Rautava, Soila Lokasaari
  • Country of ResidenceFinland
  • Health results HD BB, Eyes-clear, ED 0
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