AM Ch.

Deardre's Roxy Music

Female 27 March 1975 United States Register of Merit 165 views
Visibility LimitedAM Ch. Fezziwig Ceiling Zero ROM17-03-1957GB Ch. Farleydene Bartholomew25-05-1954Farleydene Rudolph
Shepton Misty Light
AM Ch. Patchwork Gillian Of Van R ROM29-10-1953Patchwork Blue Birds
Patchwork Phoebe
Shepton RosemaryNicefella Of DanehurstBroadwell Shepherd Boy
Broadwell Coronation Gem
Shepton Perfect SurpriseINT Ch. Shepton Wonder
Shepton Picture Maid
AM Ch. Deardre's Play it Again Shaggy18-05-1970AM Ch. Silvershag Pembroke22-06-1964AM Ch. Silvershag Snowtatters12-07-1963AM Ch. Fezziwig Fainthart Falstaff ROM
Silvershag Ruffles28-04-1960
Silvershag Frolic 
Silvershag Carnival Candy  

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