Eduard vom Goitzschesee

Eduard vom Goitzschesee

Male 30 April 2015 † 31 October 2022 Germany 1583 views
Shaggy Blue Bob's Here Is GeorgeINT-D-VDH-DK Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Here Is George12-07-2006HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, BAER +/+SnowDowne Straight Talk'n At BugabooAM Ch. SnowDowne Straight Talk'n At Bugaboo ROM28-11-2002AM Ch. Bugaboo's Talk'n Out Loud ROM09-08-1998Bugaboo's Some'n To TalkaboutAM Ch. Bugaboo's Some'n To Talkabout ROM16-02-1990HD Good
AM Ch. Heathermist Katlyn Blue Skys ROM03-11-1994
SnowDowne Cotswold CassandraAM Ch. SnowDowne Cotswold Cassandra ROM15-07-1999HD GoodBrightcut SnowDowne LimitedAM Ch. Brightcut SnowDowne Limited ROM22-11-1993
Cotswold Promise O'SnowDowneAM Ch. Cotswold Promise O'SnowDowne ROM20-01-1997
Shaggy Blue Bob's Chart Breaker16-04-2004Reata's CosmopolitanGB-AU-CH-GR-GIB Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000Danish Delight Sophies Dutch JokerINT-D-VDH-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Danish Delight Sophies Dutch Joker04-07-1993
Reata's AvantgardeINT-DK-SE-CRO Ch. Reata's Avantgarde ROM26-03-1995
Barking Bobby's Ray Of LightED 1INT Ch. Zottels X-mas Cracker16-11-1998
Barking Bobby's Puppet on The String
Anastacia vom Goitzschesee25-11-2008INT-D-VDH-SE Ch. Bobbyclown's Curious Clown24-08-2003DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Danish Delight Sophies Dirty Harry01-09-1997Bahlambs Back To BasicAM Ch. Bahlambs Back To Basic13-07-1994
Lamedazottel Go Miss SophieINT-D-VDH-DK-SE Ch. Lamedazottel Go Miss Sophie03-05-1990
Bobbyclown's Always My AngelDK-SE Ch. Top Secret Kehr Fully Maid09-11-1994
Cathy's Clown Creme de la Crime01-02-1994
Shaggy Blue Bob's Evita18-03-2006D-VDH-CRO Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Black Jack26-01-2004Reata's CosmopolitanGB-AU-CH-GR-GIB Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000
Ice And Fire von Adam's Zotteln13-11-1998
Barking Bobby's Ray Of LightED 1INT Ch. Zottels X-mas Cracker16-11-1998
Barking Bobby's Puppet on The String

Additional information

  • Kennel vom Goitzschesee
  • BreederBeate Schulz & Rene Schulz-Lorenz
  • OwnerMartina Hájková
  • Country of ResidenceCzech Republic
  • Health results HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, MDR1 +/+
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