Etichetta Nera Joe Cool

Male 15 August 2012 Italy 1129 views
Pole-Position's Nigel Mansell24-03-2007Brightcut SnowDowne LimitedAM Ch. Brightcut SnowDowne Limited ROM22-11-1993AM Ch. Brightcut Flashpoint ROM11-01-1991AM Ch. Brightcut Rhythm 'N Blues ROM
AM Ch. Brightcut Celebration24-02-1982
Brightcut Rock'n Into The NightAM Ch. Brightcut Take It To The Limit ROM
Brightcut All Night Jazz
Pole-Position's Guardian AngelINT-D-VDH-AU Ch. Pole-Position's Guardian Angel19-01-2001HD A, Eyes-clear, MDR1 +/+INT-F-ITA Ch. Reata's Como Las Condes15-01-2000Danish Delight Sophies Dutch JokerINT-D-VDH-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Danish Delight Sophies Dutch Joker04-07-1993
Reata's AvantgardeINT-DK-SE-CRO Ch. Reata's Avantgarde ROM26-03-1995
Pole-Position's CheerleaderPole-Position's Cheerleader24-06-1997HD B, BAER +/+Not For Sale aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalWW '99-INT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-NL-DK-SE-FIN-NORD Ch. Not For Sale aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal05-01-1996
Dangerfreak's Vivien LeighINT-D-VDH-AU Ch. Dangerfreak's Vivien Leigh27-03-1993HD A, Eyes-clear
Etichetta Nera Tu La Conosci Claudia10-06-2008Dangerfreak's Roll The DiceD-VDH Ch. Dangerfreak's Roll The Dice19-11-2002HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, MDR1 +/+INT-D-VDH-AU Ch. Dangerfreak's Van Damme27-03-1993AM Ch. Familytree Footsteps ROM29-09-1991HD Excellent, Eyes-clear
INT-D-VDH-AU Ch. Dumpling Ball Of Dangerfreaks 10-12-1986
D-VDH Ch. Dangerfreak's Celine Dion17-12-1996Ebony And Ivory's It's My ChoiceEbony And Ivory's It's My Choice10-09-1993
Painted Black's Ace Of Base08-08-1993
Elendil Etichetta Nera24-02-2000Tutti Frutti Under My ThumbBarbarossa von Hohenlohe Franken15-03-1987
Annie Hall21-05-1987
Colibri Brio24-04-1996Lamedazottel Heaven Knows BahlambsAM Ch. Lamedazottel Heaven Knows Bahlambs ROM02-04-1991
Pennylane Zuccherino

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