Hockesberghe's Walc Attitude

Female 6 December 2009 Netherlands 1253 views
Vigilat's License to LoveINT-D-VDH-NL Ch. Vigilat's License to Love18-08-2007HD B, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+Brinkley Shakespeare in LoveINT-SE-AU-PL Ch. Brinkley Shakespeare in Love03-10-2003HD A, Eyes-clearBarkshire's Born in The USA with BrinkleyGB Ch. Barkshire's Born in The USA with Brinkley27-06-2002AM Ch. Barkshire's Secret Agent13-07-2000
AM Ch. Barkshire's Moody Blues11-02-1998
Brinkley Rosey BlueGB Ch. Brinkley Rosey Blue08-09-1999Lamacres Teddy Of Brinkley12-06-1994
Brinkley Holly22-12-1993
Vigilat's Be My Darling AngelVigilat's Be My Darling Angel03-07-2001HD A, Eyes-clearBrwyn's Made Kehrful in HeavenBrwyn's Made Kehrful in Heaven05-11-1998HD TC, ED 0Saphir is Kehr Fully Maid05-04-1995
Cathy's Clown Heaven on EarthCathy's Clown Heaven On Earth18-12-1995HD TC, Eyes-clear
Vigilat's Yo Soy Yunique22-01-1998Vigilat's Xmas Present JagoINT-D-VDH-NL Ch. Vigilat's Xmas Present Jago30-10-1996
Vigilat's Sunshine Flower30-05-1993
Vigilat's Kadoke JazelleVigilat's Kadoke Jazelle03-01-2007Brwyn's Friends ForeverINT-BE-NL Ch. Brwyn's Friends Forever02-03-2004HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0Karlo von den Blue ZottelsD-VDH Ch. Karlo von den Blue Zottels17-12-1996HD A, Eyes-clearSanta Barbara's AmbrosiusCZ Ch. Santa Barbara's Ambrosius05-06-1991HD A, Eyes-clear
Daisy von den Blue Zottels20-03-1991
Brwyn's Lamborghini MiuraINT-BE-LUX-NL Ch. Brwyn's Lamborghini Miura01-04-2000HD TC, Eyes-clear, ED 0Cathy's Clown Call to GlorieCathy's Clown Call to Glorie18-12-1995HD TC, Eyes-clear
Brwyn's Who Want's To Live ForeverBrwyn's Who Wants To Live Forever11-03-1997HD TC, Eyes-clear
Vigilat's Grace O' MalleyVigilat's Grace O' Malley25-04-2004HD A, Eyes-clearVigilat's Dear Tomte TummetoddINT-D-VDH-BE-NL Ch. Vigilat's Dear Tomte Tummetodd16-05-2002HD A, Eyes-clearDizzny'z Artful DodgerDizzny'z Artful Dodger23-12-1999HD TC, Eyes-clear
Latina LavigiINT-MC Ch. Latina Lavigi01-10-1996
Wiggletail's For Auld Lang Syne10-05-1998HD TC, Eyes-clearINT-LUX-NL Ch. Lamedazottel Good Gossip03-05-1990
Vigilat's Vyvyan Rose11-10-1995HD TC, Eyes-clear

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