AM Ch.

Lambluv's Moptop Luvem 'N Levem

Male 15 January 1988 United States Register of Merit 1119 views
INT-AM-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Root'n Toot'n Cowboy ROM21-10-1982AM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Scooter24-09-1978Warwyck Wildfire O AphroditeAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Wildfire O Aphrodite ROM10-06-1976AM Ch. Bahlambs Blue Book ROM06-03-1970
Shaggiluv's Special AngelAM Ch. Shaggiluv's Special Angel ROM28-04-1974
Aphrodite's Snow Flirt04-11-1976Bahlambs Brazen BanditAM-CAN Ch. Bahlambs Brazen Bandit ROM08-03-1971
Blenheim Farfelu Fanfan
AM Ch. Maidstone Debutante Of To-Jo17-03-1977AM Ch. Whispering Oaks Tuff N Stuff ROM11-11-1973Cricketshire Mr Bo Jangles
Bobi's Daisy Crumpette
Chatelaine's Exuberent Elsa 
AM Ch. Rholenwood's Taylor Maid ROM18-01-1982Bahlambs Barnum On BroadwayAM Ch. Bahlambs Barnum on Broadway ROM26-09-1980AM Ch. Bahlambs Beach Bouy Bleu ROM18-04-1979Bahlambs BeachboyAM-CAN Ch. Bahlambs Beachboy ROM17-03-1976
AM Ch. Bahlambs Baroness Belinda07-01-1976
AM Ch. Showtimes Boxoffice Sellout01-02-1975Bahlambs Big'N Bold12-03-1971
Pretti Butt Patton's Pandora03-02-1973
AM Ch. Rholenwood's Enjoli16-02-1979Bahlambs BeachboyAM-CAN Ch. Bahlambs Beachboy ROM17-03-1976Rollingsea ViceroyGB Ch. Rollingsea Viceroy04-08-1969
Bahlambs Brass Bed19-09-1971
AM Ch. Rholenwood's Dust In The Wind20-07-1977Stonehenge Clarence Of Clyde
Raga Bon Misty

Additional information

  • Kennel Lambluv
  • BreederJere K. Marder
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