AM Ch.

Loehr's Rock N' Roll Music

Male 28 October 2002 United States 159 views
AM Ch. Loehr's Rock N' Roll13-09-1999AM Ch. Mt. Haggin's E-Z Rider02-06-1996AM Ch. Saxen Farm's Moonshine29-04-1994Windfield Adams Crown Royal
AM Ch. Saxen Farm's Moonshadow ROM30-04-1990
AM Ch. Mt. Haggin's Southpoint Olivia29-12-1992Saxen Farm's Moonspinner
Mt. Haggins Southpoint Rosie
AM Ch. Loehr's London Mist02-08-1994Loehr's Catch N A WaveSouthgate Ogunbil
Loehr's Aspyn Mon Amour
AM Ch. Loehr's Blowin' In The Wind19-09-1990Trosambe Blue Panda Nite Wind
AM-CAN Ch. Loehr's Star Of The Show16-06-1988
Loehr's Maisy Of Bear Lake11-04-1998AM Ch. Loehr's Keeper Of The Stars09-03-1995AM Ch. Londonaire's King Of The Hill08-10-1992INT-AM-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy ROM18-06-1985
Londonaire's Dream A Lit L Dream
AM-CAN Ch. Loehr's Star Of The Show16-06-1988Sol Backen's Mischief Maker
Loehr's Hurricane Hanna
Rhoads Picabo IcuAM Ch. Pickwick's Fine After Hr Auriga08-09-1992AM-CAN Ch. Brightmoor Pickwick's Finst Hr06-03-1986
Pickwicks Fine Fantasy
AM Ch. Pickwick's Maggie Rose09-01-1991AM-CAN Ch. Brightmoor Pickwick's Finst Hr06-03-1986
Warwyck Pickwick's Fine Win

Additional information

  • Kennel Loehr
  • BreederJanet Loehr
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