Love'n Stuff Tyler Of Alkiwind

Male 7 March 2012 United States 265 views
AM-GRAND Ch. Havenhues Conspiracy Theory ROM01-05-2010HD FairBAER +/+Yackety's L.A. Confidential03-05-2006Reata's I'm Pixie26-03-2003Lamedazottel QuicksilverH Ch. Lamedazottel Quicksilver28-01-1995HD BEyes-clear
Reata's Carisma15-01-2000
Yackety's Spring Rain26-05-2001Reata's A1INT-D-VDH-DK-SE-AU-CRO-SLO Ch. Reata's A126-03-1995
Rakitta's Missy Of Dilemma02-05-1997
AM Ch. Familytree Impetuous ROM11-06-2008AM Ch. Symmetry's Supreme Legacy ROM16-11-2004AM Ch. Shaggylamb American Graffiti ROM14-05-2003
AM Ch. Symmetry's Oriental Expresso ROM15-01-1999
AM Ch. Fuzzy Acre Havenhues Sara Lee ROM18-03-2003AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wizzard Of Oz ROM23-12-2000
AM Ch. Havenhues All Gussied Up10-03-2000
AM-GRAND Ch. Love'n Stuff Hugs 'N' Kisses ROM24-05-2008HD GoodAM Ch. Love'n Stuff Mak'N A Difference ROM20-04-2005HD GoodAM Ch. Havenhues All In The Family ROM18-03-2003HD ExcellentAM Ch. Whisperwoods Wizzard Of Oz ROM23-12-2000
AM Ch. Havenhues All Gussied Up10-03-2000
AM Ch. Love'n Stuff April Fools ROM01-04-2003HD GoodAM Ch. Love'n Stuff Loose Cannon ROM11-09-1999
Love'n Stuff Crystal Blue ROM
Love'n Stuff I'm A Survivor ROM25-01-2005HD GoodAM Ch. Love'n Stuff Thief Of Hearts14-02-1997AM Ch. Love'n Stuff Got It Rigged14-01-1995
AM Ch. Love'n Stuff Izza Ten01-03-1991
AM Ch. Love'n Stuff Private Pleasure19-01-1999AM Ch. Love'n Stuff Life Of Riley17-10-1996
AM Ch. Love'n Stuff Private Party11-05-1994

Additional information

  • Kennel Love'N Stuff
  • BreederMarilyn & Kristi Marshall
  • Health results HD Good
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