New Offspring's Elaine Blue

Female Argentina 1466 views
New Offspring's RingoAM Ch. To-Jo's Charley Pride23-09-1987AM Ch. Wullyweather's Pride Of To-Jo25-06-1986Aphrodite's Snow SniflikAM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik ROM04-03-1978
AM Ch. To-Jo's Toot Toot Tootsie ROM21-10-1982
Pelajilo To-Jo's Lit'l Jilly08-05-1985Oakfarm Wild Basil Of Roustabout14-04-1980
Chloe Clover At Pelajilo
AM Ch. To-Jo's Feather DusterAM Ch. To-Jo's Dust Buster ROM09-02-1986AM Ch. To-Jo's Gatherin' Moon Dust07-11-1982
AM Ch. To-Jo's Gadabout Gabby ROM
AM Ch. To-Jo's Ruffled Feathers ROM15-06-1986AM Ch. Tolkien Merrimas Brandybuck
To-Jo's Light As A Feather
New Offspring's ImageBahlambs Baltimore BluesAM Ch. Bahlambs Baltimore Blues15-06-1984AM Ch. Bahlambs Baltimore's Best07-06-1981AM Ch. Bahlambs Baltimore Banker
AM Ch. Showtimes Boxoffice Sellout01-02-1975
AM Ch. Bahlambs Back On Broadway ROM26-09-1980AM Ch. Bahlambs Beach Bouy Bleu ROM18-04-1979
AM Ch. Showtimes Boxoffice Sellout01-02-1975
New Offspring's Gipsy Life  

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