Old Sheeptorps Bristol Creme

Male 8 September 2019 Sweden 42 views
Grizzly Dream Don't Stop Me NowGrizzly Dream Don't Stop Me Now09-07-2017Brinkley Will I AmDK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Brinkley Will I Am27-01-2014HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+EIC +/+GB Ch. Blueshire's I am Canadian with Brinkley04-06-2011HD 3:3Eyes-clearPCD +/+Blueshire's Son Of The Dickens04-09-2008
Blueshire's Good Charlotte
Brinkley Sheza Amazing29-11-2009GB Ch. Brinkley Buddy Holly With Macopa03-12-2005
Brinkley Sheza A Star07-07-2006
Grizzly Dream Blaze Of Glory23-06-2010INT-D-VDH-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Checkpoint Charlie's Quasi Qualified03-07-2006Brinkley Shakespeare in LoveINT-SE-AU-PL Ch. Brinkley Shakespeare in Love03-10-2003HD AEyes-clear
Needles And Pins aus der Alten Noris06-06-2001
DK Ch. Danish Delight Kiss Me Tiger19-06-2006Aristocrat Of Snowboot BearsAristocrat Of Snowboot Bears14-05-2001
DK-NOR-SE Ch. Danish Delight Good Vibration06-01-2003
Shaggy Blue Bob's Unstoppable Fireball28-06-2015Shaggy Blue Bob's Rebel YellD-VDH-CZ-CRO Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Rebel Yell14-10-2012HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+Rollingview Shaggy Blue ZorbasINT-LUX-BIH-SLO Ch. Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas08-06-2006Aryakas Cosmo JuniorWW '10-INT-D-VDH-AU-H-CRO-GR Ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior ROM17-11-2003HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+
CAN Ch. Rollingview Ruff Cut Diamond
Blightybears Beyond Borders21-05-2008Shaggy Blue Bob's Here Is George12-07-2006
Bobbyclown's Dare For More20-10-2004
Shaggy Blue Bob's Never Let Me Down Again31-08-2010Aryakas HerculesINT-D-VDH-LUX-CRO Ch. Aryakas Hercules16-12-2007HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+AM Ch. Qubic's The Buck Stops Here ROM04-06-2000
Fan Fell Qualify For HappinessGR Ch. Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness ROM18-12-2000
Shaggy Blue Bob's Jeanne D'Arc19-07-2008WW '11-INT-GB-IRL Ch. Bahlambs Beaming Blue Beard21-03-2005
Shaggy Blue Bob's Chart Breaker16-04-2004

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