Pams Radar Of The Night

Male 30 January 2011 United States 417 views
Zeus Shetland P. Of Suffolk20-03-2005Edipo Shetland Of SuffolkWW '04-INT-BR-URG Ch. Yago Shetland Of Suffolk01-02-2001Brutus Shetland Of Suffolk
Atlantic's Elisa
Dear Deception At Lameda27-10-1996Mellowdee Mister MagicalGB Ch. Mellowdee Mister Magical23-08-1994HD 5:5, Eyes-clear
Lamedazottel Hello AgainGB Ch. Lamedazottel Hello Again02-04-1991
Petra Shetland A. Of SuffolkCesar Mylord Of Sulfock 
Agatha Shetland A. Of Suffolk 
Deerpark Graybear In The Heather   

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