AM Ch.

Qubic's Here She Comes Again

Female 4 June 2011 United States 65 views
AM-GRAND Ch. Aryakas Hermes16-12-2007AM Ch. Qubic's The Buck Stops Here ROM04-06-2000AM Ch. Moptop's Good Lovin' ROM18-02-1996AM Ch. Barkshire's Dancer By Lambluv ROM17-08-1993
AM Ch. Barkshire's Best Bet ROM01-09-1993
AM Ch. Qubic's The Good Times Roll ROM22-03-1994AM Ch. Lambluv's Moptop Luvem 'N Levem ROM15-01-1988
AM Ch. Qubic's Dream Machine ROM25-04-1990
Fan Fell Qualify For HappinessGR Ch. Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness ROM18-12-2000Reata's A1INT-D-VDH-DK-SE-AU-CRO-SLO Ch. Reata's A126-03-1995Lamedazottel High 'n MightyINT-LUX-AU-CH-ITA-H-CRO-SLO Ch. Lamedazottel High 'n Mighty02-04-1991
Lamedazottel Kiss Me QuickINT-LUX-AU-H-CRO-SLO Ch. Lamedazottel Kiss Me Quick25-10-1992
H Ch. Fan-Fell Givenchy17-03-1996Smoke Signal For Reata
Wellington's Star Dreaming Love
AM Ch. Qubic's Keepin It Real27-09-2007AM Ch. Tanglewools Th' Life Of Riley ROM18-08-1984AM Ch. Tanglewools Hallmark ROM04-06-1982Moptop's Hullabaloo
Tanglewools Peppermint Shag
AM Ch. Glenwal Seraph O'Tanglewools ROM06-05-1979Loveshire's Eskimo Pie
Glenwal's Sweet Suzee
AM Ch. Qubic's Minted At Masquerade11-01-2005AM Ch. Qubic's The Buck Stops Here ROM04-06-2000AM Ch. Moptop's Good Lovin' ROM18-02-1996
AM Ch. Qubic's The Good Times Roll ROM22-03-1994
AM-CAN Ch. Masquerade Millenium ROM29-01-1998AM-CAN Ch. Masquerade Monopoly31-01-1994
AM Ch. Masquerade Medallion16-09-1993

Additional information

  • Kennel Qubic
  • BreederMary Anne Brocious & Tim Ninnis
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