Révélation d'Amour Madame Lara

Daisy Female 24 March 2008 609 views
INT-BE-NL Ch. Brwyn's Mohawk21-06-2003HD AEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+MDR1 +/+NL Ch. Jasmist in The Tunnel Of Love29-06-1999HD TCEyes-clearGB Ch. Lusadon Whinny Whiz07-09-1993GB Ch. Baggybush Midnight Madness25-04-1988
GB Ch. Lusadon Over The Rainbow05-06-1987
GB Ch. Jasmist on a Carousel26-03-1995Oldoak Strikes Back30-09-1991
Mellowdee Mistletoe28-12-1988
Brwyn's Own Heaven11-11-1998HD TCEyes-clearED 0Saphir is Kehr Fully MaidINT-F-BE-NL-DK Ch. Souvenir is Kehr Fully Maid22-08-1992
Paddy Paddington is Kehr Fully Maid08-09-1990
Cathy's Clown Heaven On Earth18-12-1995HD TCEyes-clearShawlea The Devils Disciple31-03-1992
D-VDH Ch. Cathy's Clown Criminal Beauty05-01-1992HD TCEyes-clear
Révélation d'Amour Lara11-09-2001HD AEyes-clearRévélation d'Amour Iwanowitz Ongkie03-01-1997HD TCEyes-clearINT-D-VDH Ch. Sweet Expression's Blue Dustin19-03-1991HD TCEyes-clearINT-D-VDH-NL Ch. Sparkle Square's China Blue25-05-1987
Shaggy Bear's Kiss Me Quick
Révélation d'Amour Elsa26-06-1989Blueville's Robin Hood14-07-1985
Révélation d'Amour Amanda14-12-1984
Révélation d'Amour Jura Liberal02-01-1997HD TCEyes-clearCathy's Clown Dreamweaver03-06-1994HD TCEyes-clearShawlea The Devils Disciple31-03-1992
Cathy's Clown Miss Leading05-01-1992HD TCEyes-clear
Révélation d'Amour Heart Of Desire23-11-1993Cathy's Clown Hearts Robbery05-01-1992HD -Eyes-clear
Révélation d'Amour Elsa26-06-1989

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