AM Ch.

Reflection Catch Me If U Can

Male 7 November 2005 United States 1067 views
To-Jo's Sun Beam Over Misty MTNAM Ch. To-Jo's Sun Beam Over Misty MTN ROM27-02-1999To-Jo's Pep'rmint StickAM Ch. To-Jo's Pep'rmint Stick ROM28-05-1990HD Good, Eyes-clearAM Ch. To-Jo's Woodbridge Ratti Tat-Tat10-04-1987AM Ch. To-Jo's Darwin's Theory21-04-1984
AM Ch. To-Jo's Warwyck Rattan ROM11-11-1984
AM Ch. To-Jo's N'Tomalee Pep'rmint Patty ROM06-07-1984AM Ch. Sniflik Warwyck Darwin ROM23-05-1980
AM Ch. To-Jo's Toot She Rolls Of Tomalee ROM21-10-1982
AM Ch. To-Jo's Sun Bonnet Sue ROM25-01-1995HD GoodAM Ch. Union Jack's Opening Bid ROM09-02-1989AM Ch. To-Jo's Darwin's Theory21-04-1984
AM Ch. To-Jo's Tootsie Don't Cry ROM25-06-1986
AM Ch. To-Jo's Middlings Hats Off T'Meri ROM12-02-1990To-Jo's Nice N'EasyINT-AM-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy ROM18-06-1985
AM Ch. To-Jo's Pride Of America ROM23-09-1987
AM Ch. Reata's E-Memories ROM31-12-2000INT Ch. Zottels X-mas Cracker16-11-1998Lamedazottel FlamboyantGB Ch. Lamedazottel Flamboyant10-05-1989GB Ch. Pockethall I'Mashootoo18-05-1986
Zottels Miss Marple Of LamedaGB Ch. Zottels Miss Marple Of Lameda05-01-1985
Mellowdee Motivation06-01-1994Lamedazottel Brandy Soda26-12-1986
Hannalou Chiffon Blue Of Mellowdee12-02-1987
Reata's AvantgardeINT-DK-SE-CRO Ch. Reata's Avantgarde ROM26-03-1995Lamedazottel High 'n MightyINT-LUX-AU-CH-ITA-H-CRO-SLO Ch. Lamedazottel High 'n Mighty02-04-1991Lamedazottel FlamboyantGB Ch. Lamedazottel Flamboyant10-05-1989
Zottels Moonlight Serenade Of LamedaGB Ch. Zottels Moonlight Serenade Of Lameda05-01-1985
Lamedazottel Kiss Me QuickINT-LUX-AU-H-CRO-SLO Ch. Lamedazottel Kiss Me Quick25-10-1992Bobbington Latin LoverGB Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover03-01-1990HD 0:0
GB Ch. Lamedazottel Garbo03-05-1990

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