AM Ch.

Scarborough's Brandywyne

Female 16 December 1981 United States 1492 views
Pim's Brazen Churchill11-02-1976Bahlambs Brazen BanditAM-CAN Ch. Bahlambs Brazen Bandit ROM08-03-1971Bahlambs Big 'N BountyfulBahlambs Benefactor
Farmarens Kandi
AM Ch. Millie11-04-1967GB Ch. Prospect Shaggy Boy10-05-1961
Teddy Bear Angela
Rivermist Morning Glory II11-12-1969AM Ch. Unnesta Pim ROM20-06-1960Reeuwijk's Cupid18-10-1953
Shepton Sally Ann06-11-1955
AM Ch. Rivermist Nose Gay05-05-1964AM Ch. Fezziwig Ceiling Zero ROM17-03-1957
Baroness Of Duroya17-01-1962
Windfield Scarborough Jill01-01-1979AM Ch. Windfield Barrister ROM13-04-1974AM Ch. Rivermist Pimson ROM05-03-1968AM Ch. Unnesta Pim ROM20-06-1960
AM Ch. Rivermist Nose Gay05-05-1964
AM Ch. Windfield Holly01-04-1970AM Ch. Rivermist Dan Tatters ROM09-09-1965
Shaggyshire's Tiffany Star
AM Ch. Windfield IvyReeuwijk's Up To NickyAM Ch. Blueacre Spring Mist15-02-1969
Unnesta Pallas Athena08-11-1964
Elmcliffe Tuppence 

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