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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
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AM Ch. Shaggeybark’s Brave ‘N Bold (Brinkley)

25 December 2012

Shaggeybark's Brave 'N Bold
Kennel: Shaggeybark
Breeder:Gail Swails
Country of Origin:United States
Owner:Gail Swails
Country of Residence:United States
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Gallant Won22-05-2009GRAND-AM Ch. Wylecote Woolgatherer24-01-2006Wylecote The Lone Ranger09-07-2002AM Ch. Wylecote Just You Wait18-04-1996
Raga Beat Of A Dif-Rent Drum
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Nicolodian15-04-2001AM Ch. Bahlambs Bugle Boy11-03-1993
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's No Rhymeorreason15-12-1996
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Schoene Won05-03-2002AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Copper Coin21-04-1999AM Ch. Limey Lane Cliffhanger18-01-1996
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Kan't Deny This Won26-03-1995
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Pretty Won30-03-1996AM-CAN Ch. Chenard Plus Que Parfait27-10-1993
AM Ch. Whisperwoods Won To Watch07-04-1991
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Jubilation18-09-2009AM Ch. Capricorn's Aid and Abet13-06-2006AM Ch. To-Jo's Sun Beam Over Misty MTN27-02-1999AM Ch. To-Jo's Pep'rmint Stick28-05-1990
AM Ch. To-Jo's Sun Bonnet Sue25-01-1995
Capricorn's Sweetest Dream21-01-2004AM Ch. Seathwaite's On The Q-T19-01-2000
Capricorn's Dare To Dream27-11-1999
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Raisin' A Ruckus25-07-2006AM Ch. Ken-Bear's Messenger10-10-2002GB-AM Ch. Reata's Class 200015-01-2000
AM Ch. Ken-Bear's I'm Echo Too16-02-2000
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Schoene Won05-03-2002AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Copper Coin21-04-1999
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Pretty Won30-03-1996