Shaggeybark's Freedom Fighter

Female 29 July 2019 United States 133 views
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Jaunty Jamboree16-12-2017Wylecote Real Time At Shaggeybark14-02-2016Knightland's Blowin' In The WindAM-GRAND Ch. Knightland's Blowin' In The Wind08-08-2013Lambluv's Will Rock Ewe At KnightlandsAM-GRAND Ch. Lambluv's Will Rock Ewe At Knightlands ROM03-09-2009
AM-GRAND Ch. Love'n Stuff Hugs 'N' Kisses ROM24-05-2008HD Good
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Glitter And Be Gay22-05-2009AM-GRAND Ch. Wylecote Woolgatherer24-01-2006
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Schoene Won ROM05-03-2002
Shaggeybark's Lady LaureateAM Ch. Shaggeybark's Lady Laureate17-11-2013Wynward's Remember ThatAM-GRAND Ch. Wynward's Remember That ROM22-05-2010HD GoodEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+AM Ch. Lambluv's The Entertainer ROM03-11-2003
AM Ch. Wynward's Gotta Like That ROM10-11-2005HD GoodEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
Shaggeybark's Lyza Of The Seven Seas05-05-2010Shaggeybark's Only OneAM Ch. Shaggeybark's Only One02-04-2006
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Wizard's Wand ROM24-04-2007
Shaggeybark's Time Table07-05-2015AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Incredable Inspiration07-09-2013Shaggeybark's High Hopes03-06-2009AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Enough Is Enough ROM26-11-2004
Capricorns Sweetest Dream21-01-2004
Capricorns Vision At Shaggeybark06-09-2008Bobbington Latin LoverGB Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover03-01-1990HD 0:0
AM Ch. Capricorns Dark Passage03-10-2003
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Making Magic18-05-2010Shaggeybark's Only OneAM Ch. Shaggeybark's Only One02-04-2006Shaggeybark's Gettin' 'N Goin'AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Gettin' 'N Goin'01-01-2005
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Dixie Darling ROM13-05-2004
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Turning To Tomorrow ROM17-07-2007AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Sir Shaggy Of Harbortown ROM23-12-2001
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Glad To Grin ROM01-01-2005

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