AM Ch.

Sheer Delight Twik Galadriel

Female 2 November 1994 United States 117 views
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AM Ch. Cotswold Talk Of The Town11-10-1990AM Ch. Jen-Kris Bold Won At Su-Gran ROMAM Ch. Whisperwoods Wildwon ROM22-10-1978Warwyck Wildfire O AphroditeAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Wildfire O Aphrodite ROM10-06-1976
Whisperwoods Blue Velvet11-02-1976
AM Ch. Jen-Kris Dapper Darby ROMAM Ch. Barrelroll Blues In The Night27-04-1972
Jen-kris Blackeyed Susan30-11-1974
AM Ch. Cotswold Tattle Tale Gray06-01-1986AM Ch. Greyfriar Mr Bear Bottoms24-06-1980AM Ch. Cotswold Bear With Me07-11-1978
Greyfriar Hell's Angel29-04-1978
AM Ch. Cotswold Teller Of Tales02-06-1982AM Ch. Brightcut Limited Edition ROM13-12-1977
AM Ch. Squarecote Cobblstone Abbey17-07-1977

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