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Showtimes Boxoffice Sellout

Female 1 February 1975 United States 478 views
Bahlambs Big'N Bold12-03-1971Bahlambs Bleak Blue Blackguard17-03-1966INT-DK-NOR-SE-FIN-NORD Ch. Teddy Bear BoboAM Ch. Unnesta Pim ROM20-06-1960
Dorothy (S209557)
Bahlambs Gospel GirlDaphnis Hengist
Panda Of Elemente
AM Ch. Bahlambs Prospectblue Fair Lady05-06-1965GB Ch. Prospect Shaggy Boy10-05-1961GB Ch. Blue Brigand Of Tansley09-03-1958
GB Ch. Blue Glamour Girl19-06-1958
Farleydene PeggottyFarleydene Reculver King Pin
Burford Bunty
Pretti Butt Patton's Pandora03-02-1973Droverdale Prettibutt Patton15-04-1971AM Ch. Droverdale Image Of Polo15-10-1967AM Ch. Rivermist Marco Polo
AM Ch. Silvershag Donnemerry31-12-1962
Droverdale Lazy Daisy Mae05-02-1969AM Ch. Squarecote Fogbound ROM14-03-1966
Droverdale BB Derry Airee
AM Ch. Sugar Creek Our Mutual FriendAM Ch. Silvershag Snowbright ROM18-07-1965AM Ch. Silvershag Snowtatters12-07-1963
AM Ch. Silvershag Madcap Margot ROM03-01-1964
AM Ch. Bear Creek Honey Bear16-07-1965AM Ch. Fezziwig Ceiling Zero ROM17-03-1957
Silvershag Boadicea

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