Silvery Bear Göd Ninoschka

Silvery Bear Göd Ninoschka

Female 23 December 2001 Hungary 1203 views
Barkshire's Sweet JusticeD-VDH-SE-AM Ch. Barkshire's Sweet Justice12-01-1995HD A, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Barkshire's Dancer By Lambluv ROM17-08-1993AM Ch. Barkshire's Lonesome Johnny ROM26-03-1991AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Boss ROM20-12-1989
Barkshire's Rant'N Ravin'02-06-1988
AM Ch. Lambluv's Dymonblu Nauty 'N Nice ROM19-12-1988To-Jo's Nice N'EasyINT-AM-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy ROM18-06-1985
AM Ch. Nob-Lee's Necessarily Nice16-04-1983
AM Ch. Barkshire's Vivacious Antic05-08-1992AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Boss ROM20-12-1989AM Ch. Moptop's Lambluv Master Plan ROM15-01-1988
AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Beauty ROM11-04-1987
AM Ch. Barkshire's Army Brat12-12-1988Barkshire's Seargent Major29-12-1980
Pinecroft's Star Of Barkshire14-03-1986
Everybody's Darling aus dem RotmaintalINT-D-VDH-AU-SK-H Ch. Everybody's Darling aus dem Rotmaintal05-11-1995Buster Keaton aus dem Rotmaintal01-05-1993AM Ch. Familytree Footsteps ROM29-09-1991HD Excellent, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Familytree Huggybear05-08-1989
AM Ch. Familytree Flirtation Walk ROM24-09-1986
Shaggy Bear's Bonnet Bonnie27-11-1989Pockethall Prince WilliamNL Ch. Pockethall Prince William14-05-1982
Surprise van 't SchokkerlandSurprise van 't Schokkerland17-12-1987
Candy aus dem Rotmaintal08-05-1993Vigilat’s Different YipINT-D-VDH-BE-NL Ch. Vigilat's Different Yip21-05-1987Barking Bear's Davy BelleINT-BE-NL Ch. Barking Bear's Davy Belle15-04-1983HD -
Vigilat's YolineVigilat's Yoline03-05-1985
Familytree Victoria's SecretAM Ch. Familytree Huggybear05-08-1989
Familytree Kali

Additional information

  • Kennel Silvery Bear Göd
  • BreederErnő & Ernőné Torma
  • Health results HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+
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