AM Ch.

Winchester Make My Day

Male 17 July 1995 United States 1365 views
AM Ch. Familytree Footsteps ROM29-09-1991HD Excellent, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Familytree Huggybear05-08-1989Huggy Bears Davy Crockett10-05-1986Pelajilo Petruchio16-03-1984
Huggy Bears Afternoon Delite
Familytree Model A15-12-1984AM Ch. Fezziwig Joint Venture
AM Ch. Fezziwig Family Tree13-01-1977
AM Ch. Familytree Flirtation Walk ROM24-09-1986Familytree Nothing Ventured15-05-1984AM Ch. Fezziwig Joint Venture
AM Ch. Fezziwig Family Tree13-01-1977
Keswyck Foolish PleasureKeswyck Too Tuff To Touch06-07-1981
Fezziwig One And Only29-04-1977
Winchester Brightcut Chime27-08-1990AM Ch. Canterbury's Intrepid Ivanhoe25-12-1987AM Ch. Canterbury's Tales Of Chaucer10-05-1985Seathwaite Take A Chance
The Abbey Of Canterbury
Canterbury's My Gal SalAM Ch. Whisperwoods Wins Of War ROM01-07-1983
AM Ch. Canterbury's Adventures Of Amy04-05-1982
AM Ch. Winchester Brightcut Dove26-07-1987Winchester Brightcut DominoAM Ch. Winchester Brightcut Domino ROM02-12-1984HD Fair, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Brightcut Rhythm 'N Blues ROM
Brightcut Winchester Pirate04-12-1981
Brightcut Sundance 

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