AM Ch.

Wynward's Fleamarket Mudlark

Female 22 April 1991 United States 419 views
AM Ch. Wullyweather's Just Fur Us10-10-1989AM Ch. Shaggylamb Stutz Bear Cat19-01-1987AM Ch. Warwyck Duesenberg16-06-1979Aphrodite's Snow SniflikAM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik ROM04-03-1978
Warwycks Surprise Party
Shaggylamb's I'm A Ten 
AM Ch. To-Jo's Toot Toot Tootsie ROMAM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Scooter24-09-1978Warwyck Wildfire O AphroditeAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Wildfire O Aphrodite ROM10-06-1976
Aphrodite's Snow Flirt04-11-1976
AM Ch. Maidstone Debutante Of To-Jo17-03-1977AM Ch. Whispering Oaks Tuff N Stuff ROM11-11-1973
Chatelaine's Exuberent Elsa
AM Ch. Cobbybob Dreamboat Annie ROM04-09-1984Greyfriar Trafford Choirboy  
Arlingtons Tye-Dyed Bijou  

Additional information

  • Kennel Wynward
  • BreederElizabeth Fujikawa & Robert Glickman
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