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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
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Youandi Powerplay

5 March 2016

Kennel: Youandi
Breeder:Inge van Engelen
Country of Origin:Netherlands
INT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-NL-DK-CH-CRO Ch. Youandi Antaeus09-06-2007Zottel's Just As-U Like It08-08-2004INT-D-VDH-NL-SE Ch. Dreamdancer's Ballantines20-09-1999WW '03-INT-D-VDH-LUX-SE Ch. Uno di Uno aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal27-11-1996
Georgina vom Blütenparadies04-06-1998
Zottel's Wildest Dream24-09-1997GB Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover03-01-1990
Lamedazottel Hello Again02-04-1991
Youandi Limited Edition17-12-1998DK Ch. Shaggy Danes Sir Lancelot19-02-1995DK Ch. Shaggy Danes Gold Finger28-01-1993
Shaggy Danes Super Duper
Youandi Lots of Fun17-11-1990Yosemite28-03-1986
Surprise van 't Schokkerland17-12-1987
D-VDH-LUX-NL Ch. SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi21-10-2012INT-GR-ESP-P-GIB Ch. Auriga's Woody Woodruff08-06-2008AM-CAN Ch. Auriga's Robert the Rogue07-09-2003AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wizzard Of Oz23-12-2000
Auriga's Portia Ladykin Emston09-11-2000
CAN Ch. Auriga's Custom MadeAM-CAN Ch. Auriga's To-Jo Fly Boy
CAN Ch. Rollingview Dimon Auriga Emston
P Ch. SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle26-04-1997INT-F-ESP-P-GIB Ch. Fantastic Edition de Bayroeth de Eden21-08-2003GB-AU-CH-GR-GIB Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000
INT-NL-ESP-P Ch. Little Princess de Bayroeth de Eden
P Ch. SeaLords Eight Days a Week29-10-2001WW '00-INT-D-VDH-SE-AU Ch. Argovian A Step Back The Roots06-06-1997
SeaLords Don't Worry Be Happy11-04-1999