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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
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Happy Panda’s Drover x Argovian Moonlight ‘N Roses (Switserland)

Expected on 22 May 2018

Happy Panda's Drover15-01-2016Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Pommery10-08-2008Kö-Pi's 599 Happy Panda Cos11-06-2005Happy Panda's Old Father Time14-05-2000
Kö-Pi's 599 in Memory Bikane09-06-1997
Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Körnchen18-02-2000Kö-Pi's 599 in Memory Frappato09-06-1997
Kö-Pi's 599 II Ramandolo's Little Lady04-12-1995
D-VDH Ch. Lisa aus dem Rotmaintal24-10-2012D-VDH-H-INT Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy06-06-2009AM Ch. SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n at Bugaboo28-11-2002
Silvery Bear Göd Teeny-Weeny
D-VDH Ch. Blue Bayou aus dem Rotmaintal31-01-2006Happy Panda's Old Father Time14-05-2000
VDH-SE Ch. Very Nice aus dem Rotmaintal30-05-2002
D-VDH-CH Ch. Argovian Moonlight 'N Roses02-12-2014DK-F-VDH-INT-NL-ESP-CH Ch. Aryakas Midas13-10-2011GB Ch. Zottel's No Biz Like Showbiz05-04-2007AU-CZ-GB-INT-SLO Ch. Aryakas Callipous17-11-2003
Zottel's Extravaganza01-04-2002
CRO-GR Ch. Rollingview Aryakas Elektra08-06-2006AU-CRO-D-VDH-GR-H-INT Ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior17-11-2003
Rollingview Ruff Cut Diamond
AU-D-INT-CH Ch. Argovian Hugs 'N Kisses16-11-2011BE-INT-LUX-NL-SE Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal14-11-2005AM Ch. To-Jo's Funny Papers25-06-2003
AM Ch. Applaus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal08-07-2001
AU-BE-D-VDH-INT-LUX-CH Ch. Argovian Cherry Blossom27-09-2007Krisendaw Silver Steel at Shaggylands03-08-1997
AU-D-VDH-INT-ITA-CH Ch. Pennylane Love 'n Kisses10-01-1994
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