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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog
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Happy Panda’s Emilio x Valentine aus dem Rotmaintal (Netherlands)

Born on 8 June 2019

5x male - 4x female

Happy Panda's Emilio13-08-2016Pole-Position's Rocky06-12-2014GB Ch. Blueshire's I am Canadian with Brinkley04-06-2011Blueshire's Son of the Dickens
Blueshire's Good Charlotte
Dori von der Hummelelfe29-06-2012Pole-Position's Nigel Mansell24-03-2007
PL Ch. Adesso Tu von der Hummelelfe17-03-2007
D-VDH Ch. Kö-Pi's 599 Tara-Banda Dora28-07-2008D-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's X'Bambino di RagazzoHappy Panda's Ragazzo18-12-2001
D-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's Quantita d'Amore18-11-2000
Kö-Pi's 599 Tarapaca 200413-07-2004Kö-Pi's 599 II Champagner II05-08-1996
Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Körnchen18-02-2000
Valentine aus dem Rotmaintal14-02-2016INT-D-VDH-H Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy06-06-2009AM Ch. SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n at Bugaboo28-11-2002AM Ch. Bugaboo's Talk'n Out Loud09-08-1998
AM Ch. SnowDowne Cotswold Cassandra15-07-1999
INT-AU-SK Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Teeny-Weeny11-12-2005INT-SE-AU-PL Ch. Brinkley Shakespeare in Love03-10-2003
INT-AU-H Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Moonflower22-10-1999
INT-D-VDH-AU Ch. Klara aus dem Rotmaintal29-06-2010Silvery Bear Göd UlyssesINT-SE-AU-PL Ch. Brinkley Shakespeare in Love03-10-2003
Silvery Bear Göd Real Pearl
VDH-SE Ch. Very Nice aus dem Rotmaintal30-05-2002D-VDH-SE-AM Ch. Barkshire's Sweet Justice12-01-1995
Now or Never aus dem Rotmaintal24-11-1998
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