Pitt von der Müggelspree x Rosa Blue Millanion

Born on 3 June 2024 3x male & 3x female Millanion Poland
Pitt von der MüggelspreeINT-D-VDH Ch. Pitt von der Müggelspree17-04-2018HD A2, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, DM +/+Pennylane Attention PleaseD-VDH-AU-PL Ch. Pennylane Attention Please01-04-2015HD A2, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+Pole-Position's QuaxINT Ch. Pole-Position's Quax03-06-2012HD A1, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+Pole-Position's Monty Phyton24-12-2005HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, MDR1 +/+
Pole-Position's NasdaqINT-D-VDH-CH Ch. Pole-Position's Nasdaq24-03-2007HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, MDR1 +/+
Zottels XtravaganceWW '14-INT-GB-FIN-AU-CH Ch. Zottels Xtravagance01-08-2011HD A, PCD +/+GB Ch. Aryakas Ikarous At Noggybanks09-02-2009
Zottels Made in HeavenZottels Made In Heaven12-11-2006
Nelly von der Müggelspree08-05-2015Blue Point From Home Of Crazy FireVDH Ch. Blue Point From Home Of Crazy Fire13-12-2006HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/+D-VDH Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Art Attack30-09-2001
Easy Lady von den Frechen Bobby's08-12-2002
Helena von der Müggelspree07-09-2010D-VDH Ch. I'm Happy From Tequila's Oase27-06-2007
Gwenda von der Müggelspree08-08-2005
Rosa Blue MillanionPL Ch. Rosa Blue Millanion14-10-2019HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+Happy Panda's EmilioHappy Panda's Emilio13-08-2016HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+Pole-Position's RockyD Ch. Pole-Position's Rocky06-12-2014HD A2, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+GB Ch. Blueshire's I am Canadian with Brinkley04-06-2011HD 3:3, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+
Dori von der HummelelfeDori von der Hummelelfe29-06-2012HD A1, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, MDR1 +/+
Kö-Pi's 599 Tara-Banda DoraD-VDH Ch. Kö-Pi's 599 Tara-Banda Dora28-07-2008HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+Happy Panda's X'Bambino di RagazzoD-VDH Ch. Happy Panda's X'Bambino di Ragazzo24-05-2005HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+
Kö-Pi's 599 Tarapaca 200413-07-2004
Leto Apollina MillanionPL Ch. Leto Apollina Millanion20-10-2014HD AA, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+Mellowdee Man In The MirrorMellowdee Man In The Mirror01-06-2009HD 2:2Mellowdee Major TomGB Ch. Mellowdee Major Tom29-12-2006
GB Ch. Brinkley Magical Pearl Of Mellowdee22-03-2002
Kalliroe Blue MillanionPL Ch. Kalliroe Blue Millanion02-06-2010HD A, Eyes-clearPL Ch. Ludwik Kudlaty Tramp16-06-2004HD A, Eyes-clear
Argovian High On EmotionPL Ch. Argovian High On Emotion16-11-2007ED 0

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