Shero Woo Alejandro x Griland Iriska Moskovakaya

Shero Woo Alejandro - Griland Iriska Moskovakaya

Born on 16 November 2021 No Kennel name 3x male & 3x female Russia
RUS-BY-LT Ch. Shero Woo Alejandro29-04-2018HD AEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+INT-CRO-SLO Ch. Reata's N'Jofra16-11-2010HD AWW '10-INT-D-VDH-AU-H-CRO-GR Ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior ROM17-11-2003Eyes-clearPCD +/+WW '02-GB-AU-CH-GR-GIB Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000
GR Ch. Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness ROM18-12-2000
INT-AU-H-CRO Ch. Reata's Kobayagi18-11-2005HD AAM Ch. Bugaboo's Big Puff Daddy ROM27-03-2000
BIH Ch. Reata's Jackpot11-02-2004
CRO Ch. Blind Date Of The Klit-Ly's25-08-2015HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+INT-D-VDH-LUX-NL-DK Ch. Argovian Livin' On Love26-10-2013HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+GB Ch. Zottels Xceedingly Nice For Hazyland01-08-2011HD 2:2Eyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
INT-D-AU-CH Ch. Argovian Hugs 'N Kisses16-11-2007HD C1Eyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+MDR1 +/+
INT-D-VDH-LUX-NL-DK-CH-PL Ch. Argovian Jump 'n Jive At Klit'Lys17-11-2009HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+GB Ch. Kerjalee Takes a Moment02-02-2006HD 4:3Eyes-clearPCD +/+
INT-D-CH Ch. Argovian Fast 'N Furious06-09-2005HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+
RUS-KZ Ch. Griland Iriska Moskovakaya03-07-2017HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+RUS Ch. Griland Grand Style01-01-2016HD AED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+DM +/+RUS-BY-EST-LV-LT Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Imagine You14-05-2013HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+DM +/+VDH Ch. Blue Point From Home Of Crazy Fire13-12-2006HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+
INT-D-VDH-LUX-DK Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Give'n Take04-03-2009
INT-FIN-RUS-UKR-BY-EST Ch. Griland Zhefirous Bear05-02-2010INT-FIN-BUL-BY-LT-GEO-SLO-MTN-SB-CY Ch. Zottels Secret Is Out09-12-2008HD AEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
INT-BY-EST-LT Ch. Griland Beautiful Impretion11-11-2004
Griland Fortune 'N Glory26-06-2014HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+DM +/+INT-RUS-UKR-BY Ch. Griland Love To Celebration28-03-2011HD AEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+DM +/+INT-FIN-BUL-BY-LT-GEO-SLO-MTN-SB-CY Ch. Zottels Secret Is Out09-12-2008HD AEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
RUS-LT Ch. Argovian Flying High For Griland06-09-2005HD BEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+
Griland Daisy of My Dream29-04-2009Azedagi's Watch Out29-10-2007
RUS Ch. Griland Blue Lady11-11-2004

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