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All about the Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog

USA-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Pierrot La Lune

16 April 2002

Kennel: Bagatelle
Breeder:Bernard & Joanne Charest
Country of Origin:Canada
USA Ch. Raffles Will EweUSA Ch. Bagatelle River Dance31-01-1997USA Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Boss20-12-1989USA Ch. Moptop's Lambluv Master Plan15-01-1988
USA Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Beauty11-04-1987
Bagatelle La Dame MagiqueUSA-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Merlin Pin-Pin28-05-1988
Ambelle Lady Frita
USA Ch. Raffles Reprise10-05-1995USA-CAN Ch. Auriga's Neat Pete from To-Jo02-06-1992USA-CAN Ch. Raffles The Tailless Tyke14-04-1990
USA-CAN Ch. To-Jo's Wessex Kiss Me in Th'Rain16-04-1984
USA Ch. Raffles Chelsea Buns14-04-1990INT-USA-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy18-06-1985
USA-CAN Ch. Raffles Queen of the Colony23-06-1985
USA-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Poussiere De Lune06-10-1996USA-CAN Ch. Raffles The Tailless Tyke14-04-1990INT-USA-CAN-MEX Ch. To-Jo's Nice N'Easy18-06-1985USA-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik
To-Jo's Toot She Rolls of Tomalee
USA-CAN Ch. Raffles Queen of the Colony23-06-1985USA-CAN Ch. Aphrodite Snow Fresh21-09-1981
USA-CAN Ch. Tarawood's Classic Keepsake27-07-1980
USA Ch. Bagatelle La Dame De La Lune19-05-1993USA-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Merlin Pin-Pin28-05-1988USA Ch. Whisperwoods Wins of War01-07-1983
Bagatelle Fleur St. Joseph
Bagatelle Oh Clair De LuneUSA Ch. Sniflik's Warwyck Forecaster23-05-1980
Intrigue Fidele Virgule
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Bagatelle Pierrot La Lune x Bagatelle Lune De Miel


Bagatelle Pierrot La Lune x Bagatelle Cachet Royale

Bagatelle Pierrot La Lune x Bagatelle Lune De Miel