AM Ch.

Bear Dance Eye Of A Warrior

Male 5 May 1990 United States 447 views
AM Ch. Bugaboo's Over The Top19-11-1987AM-CAN Ch. Scarborough's Peacock Alley ROM13-03-1984AM Ch. Whisperwoods Wildwon ROM22-10-1978Warwyck Wildfire O AphroditeAM-CAN Ch. Warwyck Wildfire O Aphrodite ROM10-06-1976
Whisperwoods Blue Velvet11-02-1976
AM Ch. Scarborough's Brandywyne16-12-1981Pim's Brazen Churchill11-02-1976
Windfield Scarborough Jill01-01-1979
AM-CAN Ch. Bugaboo's Calypso ROM02-03-1983AM Ch. Whispering Oaks Tuff N Stuff ROM11-11-1973Cricketshire Mr Bo Jangles
Bobi's Daisy Crumpette
AM Ch. Bugaboo's Bolero05-05-1980Some Buddy’s Ready To RuffitCAN Ch. Some Buddy's Ready To Ruffit ROM19-01-1973
AM Ch. Bugaboo's Ruffian ROM27-01-1976
AM Ch. Bear Dance Shadow Eyes Spirit11-04-1987AM Ch. Tales End And Tyler Too05-08-1984AM Ch. Loyalblu Lasting Impression11-02-1982AM Ch. Vidmars Visibility Zero ROM01-12-1971
Candy Kane Loyalblu Babe Ruth10-08-1978
Tales End And That's The Truth 
AM Ch. Bear Dance Spirit EyesBookga Yumbuliee Inyunum 
Bear Dance Miranda Panda 

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