Foursquare Knock On Wood

Male 27 December 2017 United States 71 views
Wynsilot Doing Our Owen Thing29-12-2015Bagatelle Mr Plum Moon PlayerAM Ch. Bagatelle Mr Plum Moon Player ROM02-07-2011HD GoodEyes-clearHaystac's Bright North StarAM-GRAND-CAN Ch. Haystac's Bright North Star ROM09-06-2008HD GoodEyes-clearEIC +/+MDR1 +/+Haystac's Smiley RileyAM-CAN Ch. Haystac's Smiley Riley ROM17-05-1999HD GoodEyes-clear
Haystac's Carolina BlueAM-CAN Ch. Haystac's Carolina Blue ROM21-01-2004
Bagatelle Danse Sur La LuneAM-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Danse Sur La Lune ROM13-12-2006HD ExcellentAM-CAN Ch. Bagatelle Pierrot La Lune16-04-2002
AM Ch. Bagatelle Cachet Royale
Wynsilot Hit The Ground Running11-11-2011AM Ch. Wynsilot 'n For Pause R All That12-07-2008AM Ch. Havenhues All In The Family ROM18-03-2003HD Excellent
AM Ch. Wynsilot Set N Hearts On Fire13-09-2003
AM Ch. Wynsilot That's So Raven28-05-2004AM Ch. Wynsilot Analyze This ROM13-11-2001
AM Ch. Wynsilot Divine Miss M ROM03-11-2001
AM Ch. Wynward's Foursquare All Of The Above ROM22-10-2010AM Ch. Lambluv's The Entertainer ROM03-11-2003Lambluv's Desert DancerAM Ch. Lambluv's Desert Dancer ROM17-08-1993AM Ch. Barkshire's Lonesome Johnny ROM26-03-1991
AM Ch. Lambluv's Dymonblu Nauty 'N Nice ROM19-12-1988
Lambluv's DesdemonaAM Ch. Lambluv's Desdemona ROM27-10-2001Bahlambs Bugle BoyAM Ch. Bahlambs Bugle Boy ROM11-03-1993
AM Ch. Lambluv's Lambeth Walk ROM18-06-1997
AM Ch. Wynward's Gotta Like That ROM10-11-2005HD GoodEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/-MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+AM Ch. Wynward's Just Like That13-05-2002AM Ch. Wynward's Been There Done That ROM20-03-1996
AM Ch. Camelot Daisy May Mann ROM29-03-1998
AM Ch. Wullyweather Karz For Wynward23-04-2002AM Ch. To-Jo's Stick'E Deal ROM31-01-1999
AM Ch. Wullyweather's Can Do Fur You ROM13-08-1998

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