AM Ch.

Haystac's Let's Roll

Male 7 March 2002 United States 157 views
AM Ch. Winchester Brightcut Domino ROM02-12-1984AM Ch. Brightcut Rhythm 'N Blues ROMAM Ch. Brightcut Limited Edition ROM13-12-1977AM Ch. Brightcut Silversmith18-02-1973
AM Ch. Brightcut Hallelujah12-12-1975
AM Ch. Deardre's Roxy Music ROM27-03-1975Visibility Limited
AM Ch. Deardre's Play it Again Shaggy18-05-1970
Brightcut Winchester Pirate04-12-1981AM Ch. Pinafore Drummer Boy ROM26-09-1973AM Ch. Loyalblu Fascinatin Rhythm ROM
Amy's Daisy Bell Diamond
Nonesuch Namely Georgie Girl09-06-1978Double JJS Four Square George
Nonesuch Namely Nonsense
AM-CAN Ch. Haystac's In The Nic Of Time ROM16-10-1995AM Ch. Familytree Footsteps ROM29-09-1991AM Ch. Familytree Huggybear05-08-1989Huggy Bears Davy Crockett10-05-1986
Familytree Model A15-12-1984
AM Ch. Familytree Flirtation Walk ROM24-09-1986Familytree Nothing Ventured15-05-1984
Keswyck Foolish Pleasure
AM-CAN Ch. Haystac's Happy Hattie ROM27-06-1990AM Ch. Winchester Brightcut Domino ROM02-12-1984AM Ch. Brightcut Rhythm 'N Blues ROM
Brightcut Winchester Pirate04-12-1981
Haystac's Zippity Doo-Dah10-09-1988El-Mar's Diamond In The Ruff
Lady Brandywine Of Derby

Additional information

  • Kennel Haystac
  • BreederMadeline Erickson
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