Masquerade Madness Moonraker

Masquerade Madness Moonraker

Bond Male 13 October 2011 United States Register of Merit 1458 views
Pettibone's Little Big ManAM-GRAND Ch. Pettibone's Little Big Man ROM28-09-2007HD Good, Eyes-clear, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+Haystac's Let's RollAM Ch. Haystac's Let's Roll07-03-2002HD Good, Eyes-clearWinchester Brightcut DominoAM Ch. Winchester Brightcut Domino ROM02-12-1984HD Fair, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Brightcut Rhythm 'N Blues ROM
Brightcut Winchester Pirate04-12-1981
Haystac's In The Nic Of TimeAM-CAN Ch. Haystac's In The Nic Of Time ROM16-10-1995HD Excellent, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Familytree Footsteps ROM29-09-1991HD Excellent, Eyes-clear
Haystac's Happy HattieAM-CAN Ch. Haystac's Happy Hattie ROM27-06-1990
AM Ch. Pettibone's Whatever Lola Wants31-10-2004Wynsilot Analyze ThisAM Ch. Wynsilot Analyze This ROM13-11-2001HD GoodAM Ch. Fuzzy Acre Meet The Press06-12-1996
AM Ch. Wynsilot Doing It Right ROM20-01-1995
AM Ch. Pettibone's Girls Night Out ROM29-07-1999AM Ch. Barkshire's Darkside O'The Moon ROM08-06-1995
AM Ch. Pettibone's Struttin' My Stuff13-12-1996
AM Ch. Masquerade Midnight Madness ROM15-04-2006AM Ch. Shaggy Bear's Skywalker ROM22-02-2001HD Good, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, CA/HA +/+D Ch. Arlils Jimi Hendrix13-02-1992Arlils Gentleman Of The Ring15-06-1985
Arlils Deb's Delight23-12-1985
Shaggy Bear's All Shook Up17-08-1992Fairy's Dot Ares09-08-1987
Shaggy Bear's Kiss in The RingNL Ch. Shaggy Bear's Kiss in The Ring08-07-1984
AM Ch. Masquerade Mad Money ROM29-08-2002AM Ch. Qubic's The Buck Stops Here ROM04-06-2000AM Ch. Moptop's Good Lovin' ROM18-02-1996
Qubic's The Good Times RollAM Ch. Qubic's The Good Times Roll ROM22-03-1994
AM-CAN Ch. Masquerade Millenium ROM29-01-1998AM-CAN Ch. Masquerade Monopoly31-01-1994
AM Ch. Masquerade Medallion16-09-1993

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