Shaggeybark's Fantasia
AM Ch.

Shaggeybark's Fantasia

Female 28 August 1999 United States Register of Merit 718 views
To-Jo's Pep'rmint StickAM Ch. To-Jo's Pep'rmint Stick ROM28-05-1990AM Ch. To-Jo's Woodbridge Ratti Tat-Tat10-04-1987AM Ch. To-Jo's Darwin's Theory21-04-1984AM Ch. Sniflik Warwyck Darwin ROM23-05-1980
AM Ch. To-Jo's Only The Shadow Nose30-10-1979
AM Ch. To-Jo's Warwyck Rattan ROM11-11-1984AM Ch. Warwyck Duesenberg16-06-1979
AM Ch. To-Jo's Crescent Moon ROM29-10-1981
AM Ch. To-Jo's N'Tomalee Pep'rmint Patty ROM06-07-1984AM Ch. Sniflik Warwyck Darwin ROM23-05-1980Aphrodite's Snow SniflikAM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Sniflik ROM04-03-1978
AM Ch. Warwyck Bonnie Bandit04-10-1977
AM Ch. To-Jo's Toot She Rolls Of Tomalee ROM21-10-1982AM-CAN Ch. Aphrodite's Snow Scooter24-09-1978
AM Ch. Maidstone Debutante Of To-Jo17-03-1977
AM Ch. Shaggeybark's Wycked Won ROM09-02-1994AM Ch. Whisperwoods Warrant08-06-1987AM Ch. Whisperwoods World Seeker15-12-1984AM Ch. Whisperwoods Warrior ROM19-05-1977
AM Ch. Whisperwoods Woman Of The Year14-07-1982
WhisperwoodsWhistlin Dixie 
Whisperwoods Won To WatchAM Ch. Whisperwoods Won To Watch07-04-1991AM Ch. Whisperwoods War Lord14-12-1987AM Ch. Whisperwoods Warrior ROM19-05-1977
AM Ch. Capricorns Amazing Amelia22-03-1986
AM-CAN Ch. Whisperwoods Winning Ticket ROM02-06-1985AM Ch. Pockethall Silver Souvereign17-01-1980
AM Ch. Whisperwoods Whispering Wind07-04-1981

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