Fuzzy Acre Follow The Rules x Wynsilot 'cause It's Witchcraft

Born on 21 March 2024 7x male & 1x female Greyhavens United States Double sire mating. DNA test result will follow.
Fuzzy Acre Follow The RulesAM Ch. Fuzzy Acre Follow The Rules30-08-2016HD Good, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, Thyroid-Normal, DM +/+Some Buddys Now And ForeverAM-CAN Ch. Some Buddys Now And Forever ROM04-05-2009HD Excellent, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, CA/HA +/+CAN Ch. Tumbleweed Valubal Rodeo Drive ROM14-04-2004HD GoodSE-FIN-AM Ch. Bahlambs Benevolent Brethren21-08-1998HD Excellent
Tumbleweed Scandalous AffairCAN Ch. Tumbleweed Scandalous Affair ROM16-11-1998
Some Buddys Indelibly BlueCAN Ch. Some Buddys Indelibly Blue28-07-2005HD Good, Eyes-clearSome Buddys Th'one At BluecalebAM-CAN Ch. Some Buddys Th'one At Bluecaleb07-05-1999
CAN Ch. Some Buddys All That Jazz08-07-2003
AM-GRAND Ch. Loehr's It Had To Be You05-07-2011HD Good, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+AM-GRAND Ch. Zottels Shaggy Star ROM09-12-2008HD Good, ED 0Zottels Just As-U Like ItZottels Just As-U Like It08-08-2004HD 2:5, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+
Zottels Kiss 'N Make Up05-11-2004HD 4:5
AM Ch. Loehr's Brown Eyed Girl ROM16-08-2008HD Excellent, BAER +/+AM Ch. Loehr's Rock N' Roll Music28-10-2002
AM Ch. Loehr's Whatever Lolawants She Gets ROM22-05-2006
Wynsilot 'cause It's WitchcraftAM-GRAND Ch. Wynsilot 'cause It's Witchcraft19-07-2021HD Good, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/-, CA/HA +/+, Thyroid-Normal, DM +/+Wynsilot Bringing Saxy BackAM Ch. Wynsilot Bringing Saxy Back04-11-2019Bagatelle Blue Moon SpiritAM Ch. Bagatelle Blue Moon Spirit26-07-2017HD ExcellentHaystac's Bright Blue StarAM-GRAND-CAN Ch. Haystac's Bright Blue Star ROM09-06-2008HD Good, Eyes-clear
Bagatelle Moon Spirit09-05-2014
Wynsilot Moving ForwardAM Ch. Wynsilot Moving Forward28-05-2015Masquerade Madness MoonrakerAM-GRAND Ch. Masquerade Madness Moonraker ROM13-10-2011
Wynsilot Pistol Packing ParkerAM Ch. Wynsilot Pistol Packing Parker ROM23-04-2011
Wynsilot Decadent Enough SaidAM-GRAND Ch. Wynsilot Decadent Enough Said ROM10-01-2014AM Ch. Decadent's Diamond'n The Fluff ROM28-05-2005AM Ch. Barkshire's Rocket Man ROM02-06-2000
AM Ch. Lambluv's Decadent Tumbleweed24-12-2000
Wynsilot Indigo Why WaitAM Ch. Wynsilot Indigo Why Wait ROM08-06-2007HD FairWynsilot Analyze ThisAM Ch. Wynsilot Analyze This ROM13-11-2001HD Good
AM Ch. Indigo Heaven Can Wait ROM05-05-2002

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